Abacus Lighting
For many years, the base-hinged mast has been a popular choice amongst clients. As such, we decided to build upon its success and take the concept one step further.
Base-hinged masts with Automatic sequencing

Base-hinged masts

Automatic sequencing

Within each mast is a patented automatic sequencing system - a feature that enables several masts to be raised and lowered at the same time, all from a single central point.

Together with positional sensors, a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) unit co-ordinates and monitors the whole raising and lowering process. Hydraulic cylinders fitted to the base of the mast work together with a mechanised pivot, allowing the mast to raise or lower smoothly in a single failsafe operation.

Lowering a mast with automatic sequencing

Because automatic sequencing eliminates the need to move a counterbalance unit from mast to mast, it’s the ideal solution in situations where several masts need to be quickly lowered at the same time.

Hurricane and typhoon wind zones offer one example of an ideal application for automatic sequencing. Before the arrival of tropical storms, high-cost capital equipment can be protected by lowering the structures to safety.
Base-hinged masts with automatic sequencing install at a cricket ground

Technical data for columns & masts
The performance data for columns and masts gives their basic technical attributes only. The technical performance of a column or mast will be affected by local site conditions (terrain type, distance to sea, site altitude, windspeed) and the headload being carried.

Please Contact the Abacus Technical team to confirm the suitability of a column or mast for your application.