Abacus Lighting
Kempton Park racecourse is set in beautiful countryside surroundings and we wanted to keep it that way. There were strict planning regulations governing the use of floodlighting at the course, which even went so far as to stipulate no permanent upright floodlights.
Kempton Park Racetrack, UK

Case study - Kempton Park Racetrack, UK

Kempton Park Racetrack, UK

Our patented automatic sequencing system was the perfect solution, providing Kempton Park with lighting masts which could be raised together and lowered after each race.

We manufactured and installed 24 of our base-hinged masts for the scheme, ensuring the racecourse was lit to the highest standard, whilst the impact on the skyline was minimised by the sequencing system.

The system is easy to install (as with all our base-hinged products) and easy to operate, with simple electrical controls.

"We wanted to create an environment that would allow more people to enjoy horse racing throughout the year, in order to survive in what will become an increasingly competitive marketplace. Through extensive public consultation I am confident that we have created a showpiece stadium that benefits everyone."

Julian Thick, Managing Director, Kempton Park