Abacus Lighting
Thanks to the expertise of Abacus Lighting, the Stanford Cricket Ground, in Antigua will be host to the first Caribbean 20-20 competition and will also act as an official floodlit practice venue for the Cricket World Cup in 2007.
Satnford Park Cricket Ground, Antigua

Case study - Lighting the way for cricket in the West Indies

Lighting the way for cricket in the West Indies

Abacus were responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the floodlighting system.The lighting specification was designed to 3,500 lux horizontal and 2100 lux vertical to the wicket. The lighting system is one of the first in the world with floodlighting specifically designed to allow night time ‘slo-mo’ TV camera replays as well as the high levels of outfield floodlighting necessary for international CTV broadcasts. The installed floodlighting system for the Cricket Ground is arranged as a corner mast scheme, with each 35m mast carrying 52 Challenger® 3 floodlights fitted with 2KW HQI lamps.

Given that the location of the Islands airport is situated within half a mile of the new Cricket Ground, demanded that the proposed scheme would have to be designed to ensure light pollution and the visual obtrusion of the masts were minimised. The resulting solution involved the specification of the Challenger® 3 floodlight, ideally suited for corner mast sports lighting installations. Compactly designed, the floodlight incorporates an anti-glare baffle, ensuring minimum glare to onlookers and also facilitates the use of double-ended lamps of either 1000W or 2000W, offering optimum optical control. The high optical performance of the floodlights ensured the necessary lighting levels were achieved with the lowest mast possible, as to ensure safe operating conditions for the neighbouring airport.

Abacus had to overcome two further challenges associated with the specification of the high mast system. First of all there was no crane large enough on the island to facilitate the installation of a fixed mast. Secondly, the chosen mast system would have to accommodate the potential threat of hurricanes. Both challenges were easilly overcome by the specification of the Abacus base hinged raising and lowering mast. This hinged mast system is completely assembled at ground level and then raised vertical upon completion via a hydraulic counterbalance. The mast can also be lowered to ground level in the event of a hurrican warning which allowed for a more economical design to be put forward, creating significant cost savings for the client. Rather than design a mast able to withstand hurricane windspeeds (75 m/sec) Abacus were able to specifiy a mast able to withstand wind speeds of 45m/sec. This smart approach has also be adopted by Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica where Abacus has recently completed the floodlighting installation for the airport apron.Typical Base Hinged Sports Mast lowered for maintenance.