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The colossal Stadium range can accommodate 100 Challenger® 3 2kW floodlights at a mounting height of 50m - an imposing and highly effective solution for any major sports stadium.
Telescopic masts at Lord’s

Telescopic masts

Stadium range

Programmable Logic Control Programmable Logic Control
Programmable Logic Control
The masts can be controlled digitally from one main control room.

Engineering without compromise

Incorporating the finest precision-engineering for a long, hassle-free life, the telescopic mast represents the pinnacle of technical achievement in high-mast lighting. Driven by a 7m double-acting ram producing 45 tonnes of lift-thrust, the mast works in conjunction with a secondary leaf chain-management system. A supporting negative-chain system and linear string encoder, linked to a remotely located PLC (Programmable Logic Control) unit, mean the masts can be controlled and monitored from the safety and comfort of a main control room.

The masts are delivered to site part-assembled. The headframe is pre-wired in-house before shipping. The headframe wiring is then connected on-site to the main multi-core cables running through the mast's centre section, using an instant plugand-socket system.

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Lowering headframe mast

Technical data for columns & masts
The performance data for columns and masts gives their basic technical attributes only. The technical performance of a column or mast will be affected by local site conditions (terrain type, distance to sea, site altitude, windspeed) and the headload being carried.

Please Contact the Abacus Technical team to confirm the suitability of a column or mast for your application.