Abacus Lighting
Abacus’ relationship with Chesterfield FC began in the 90s, when we upgraded their floodlighting at Saltergate - one of the oldest football stadiums in England.
Chesterfield Football Club, UK

Case study - Chesterfield Football Club, UK

Chesterfield Football Club, UK

A recent £13 million investment has enabled the club to relocate to the impressive 10,500-seat B2net stadium at Willington Moor; and as part of the move, a complete floodlighting package was required for the main pitch, as well as the car park.

On the main pitch, we installed four of our patented base-hinged masts and 56 Challenger® 3 Floodlights - specially designed for floodlighting large stadiums from corner masts, thanks to their symmetric light distribution.

Currently lit to 500 lux, the system is built to be fully upgradeable; so should the ‘Spireites’ progress further up the league, the lighting levels can double in line with HDTV filming requirements.

There’s something iconic about the floodlights when they’re switched on. It means the stadium suddenly becomes visible from so many vantage points across the city.

Pete Whiteley
Chesterfield Community Trust