Abacus Lighting
Abacus Lighting Limited has won a prestigious project involving the floodlighting of a Test Cricket Stadium at Kanpur, India. Against international competition, Abacus won the project based on its ability to provide a turnkey solution. Abacus designed the lighting scheme and the mast systems, supplied all of the floodlighting equipment for the project and supervised the installation.
Green Park Cricket Stadium, Kanpur

Case study - Abacus lights Green Park Cricket Stadium, Kanpur

Abacus lights Green Park Cricket Stadium, Kanpur

The project involved the design and manufacture of four 50m fixed masts with external access provided via an electric powered climbing man rider for quick, safe and easy access.

Experienced structural engineers utilising the latest design software ensured mast designs were optimised and suited the clients exact requirements. Arranged as a corner mast scheme, each mast carried 84 Challenger® 3 floodlights each fitted with 2KW HQI lamps. Challenger® 3 features a symmetric reflector system ideally suited for corner mast sports lighting installations. Compactly designed and also incorporating an anti-glare baffle, it provides precision optical control and offers significant cost savings for both the supply and installation of Floodlights.

To assist commissioning, gun sight fixings are incorporated into Challenger® 3, ensuring that the gun sight is easily fixed on site for precision aiming of the floodlights. Challenger® 3 is constructed from high-pressure die-cast aluminium and is finished in a hard wearing durable grey powder polyester coating that

blends with the daytime sky. The floodlight utilises double-ended lamps of either 1000W or 2000W, offering optimum optical control and add greater stability, leading to less vibration and less damage in high winds.

Designing the lighting scheme was a challenge for the Abacus Lighting Engineers. To achieve the given standards of different levels of competitive play the scheme was designed with various switching levels to suit the requirements of Colour Television, International Test Cricket and National Standards, as well as for training purposes. In addition to achieving the required lighting levels, obtrusive light was an important design issue, particularly controlling the glare from the floodlights and limiting upward light. This was achieved by careful aiming and positioning of the floodlights and the specification of the Challenger® 3 floodlight which includes an internal anti-glare baffle that redirects light in to the main beam and shields the lamp source from onlookers.