Abacus Lighting
Malta Freeport is one of the major commercial hubs of the Mediterranean, handling in excess of 2.5million containers per year. Floodlighting maintenance is critical to safe operation, 24/7.
Case study - Malta Freeport, Malta

Case study - Malta Freeport, Malta

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Malta Freeport, Malta

The Freeport installed the first of its 40 Abacus base-hinged masts in 1984. 25 years later, they’re still going strong, and despite the harsh ‘Sahara’ rain storms, they’ve required no maintenance work at all (bar a lick of paint and routine lamp-changes).

As such, Steve Busuttil, Malta Freeport’s Projects Manager, won’t consider any other type of high mast for current and future developments:

“Abacus base-hinged masts are long-lasting and durable, and require minimal maintenance. It was very easy to install additional transmitting equipment along the length - quite a contrast to some Italian masts we tried, which caused numerous servicing problems, health and safety issues and didn’t stand up to the strong winds we experience here.”

Abacus uses its unique 3D visualisation software to maintain Malta Freeport’s lighting at an average of 20 Lux, accounting for shadowing from container stacks to keep all passageways lit to international standards.