Abacus Lighting
Birmingham City Council applied stringent planning restrictions on this project that would have severally challenged other manufactures.
Moseley RFC

Case study - Abacus Lighting put Moseley RFC back on the map

Abacus Lighting put Moseley RFC back on the map

Neil Johnson of Abacus commented, “For this type lighting solution it is normal practice to work within the criteria on an environmental zone E3. However, with their new home at Billable the local authority stipulated an environmental zone of E2. This stringent requirement was an ideal opportunity to utilise the Challenger® 1 flat-glass floodlight to ensure overspill and upward light pollution was kept to a minimum“.

With both main and training pitch lit by Abacus Lighting, flexibility and choice has been ensured. The main pitch has been lit to a maintained level of 250 lux with the training pitch lit to a maintained level of 300 lux. Players, local authority and local residents are all secure in the knowledge that the floodlighting solution provided fully complies with the design and planning criteria.