Abacus Lighting
Since the first-generation model took the market by storm in 1999, the Abacus Orion has been a favourite choice of many big-name supermarkets.
Case study - Tesco Mansfield and Alfreton, UK

Case study - Tesco Mansfield and Alfreton, UK

Tesco Mansfield and Alfreton, UK

Thanks to its innovative, patent-protected optics, this lantern produces highly superior, uniform lighting distribution that maximises performance while minimising the need for excessive lighting points - the perfect solution when car park space is limited.

Supermarket giants Tesco chose the Orion for its unique Optimum Reflector System (ORS) - a unique technology that guarantees power, efficiency and exceptional coverage.

As Mark Law, Head of Engineering Delivery for Tesco, comments: “Abacus has supplied exterior lighting for our car park lighting solutions since 1993, providing a high quality service at all stages, from design to installation. We have continued to use the Orion mounted at 12m. Its excellent performance and twin 400 Watt lamp option reduces lighting points and in turn, both initial cost, energy usage and long-term maintenance budget.”