Abacus Lighting
Truman Bodden Stadium chose Abacus to light the World Cup qualifying match between Grand Cayman and Trinidad & Tobago. The complete system comprised of floodlights and base-hinged masts which were manufactured, installed and commissioned by the Abacus team.
Truman Bodden Stadium, Grand Cayman

Case study - Truman Bodden Stadium, Grand Cayman

Truman Bodden Stadium, Grand Cayman

The Truman Bodden Stadium is the national stadium of Grand Cayman and previously had floodlighting on fixed masts. However this was completely destroyed by hurricane Ivan in 2004. When plans were made for the stadium to be rebuilt and floodlighting replaced, our base-hinged masts were the perfect solution.

The base-hinged masts can be lowered to ground level and are therefore ideal when avoiding the onslaught of passing hurricanes. They were originally designed to enable simple and safe maintenance as they remove the need for ladders and lifting equipment, and are operated using a mobile hydraulic unit.

In total four 38m masts were installed along with 150 floodlights. The floodlighting was designed to an average of 500lux using the Challenger® 3 2kW floodlights. The Grand Cayman Government are so impressed by the system they plan to have Abacus base-hinged masts installed into all their outdoor sporting venues.

There was a great atmosphere at the qualifier, with an opening ceremony complete with entertainment, fireworks and prayers before the game.