Abacus Lighting
Abacus have set the benchmark for lighting GAA sports in Ireland, developing true flat-glass optics specially for the sports of Gaelic football and hurling.
Gaelic sports lighting

Gaelic sports lighting

Gaelic sports lighting

Standards for lighting the Gaelic sports of football and hurling are governed by minimum levels as set down in the new LG4 sports lighting guide, published in 2007. The LG4 body provides the guidelines to good sports lighting and maintenance for the UK.

Our switching options allow you to set the illuminance at the higher hurling levels with the option to switch down to the lower levels required for Gaelic football, which will save on energy and running costs.

A six mast solution is widely installed, while an eight mast solution provides higher uniformity. Some of our typical lighting schemes can be found to left showing these. Many of our sports lighting systems are fully flexible, so they can be upgraded and added to in future as regulations and your needs change.

Learn more about past projects in our case studies to the left or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Hurling Lux (Eav) Uniformity Gr
Class I 500 0.7 50
Class II 300 0.7 50
Class III 200 0.5 55

Gaelic football Lux (Eav) Uniformity Gr
Class I 500 0.7 50
Class II 200 0.6 50
Class III 75 0.5 55