Abacus Lighting
Quite aside from the great impression you want to make on your club members, lighting for golf courses is governed by strict international standards. Abacus approach each course and driving range differently, using advanced 3D design software and innovative new BERM technologies to ensure that lighting is as effective and unobtrusive as possible.
Golf course lighting

Golf course and driving range lighting

Golf course and driving range lighting

Golf driving ranges, for example, are governed in Europe by the EN 12193:2007 standard standard, which stipulates a minimum vertical illuminance of 50 lux on the ball, at 3m above ground level along the length of the range. Abacus can light the range either in the traditional manner, by a smaller number of high powered floodlights mounted 6m - 8m above the booths.

Increasingly, however, our innovative BERM ground mounted system is being installed which dramatically reduces obtrusive light.

Lighting the main golf course itself has become an Abacus area of expertise. Some of our solutions can be downloaded from our what you need to know section at the left, however different options are available to suit your needs.

Learn more about past projects in our case studies or Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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