Abacus Lighting

Icons and their meanings

Low light pollution Low light pollution
This logo indicates a luminaire with ULOR of less than 2%.
Upward Light Output Ratio ULOR
Upward Light Output Ratio
The ULOR value shows the proportion of upward light produced from the luminaire.
IP rating IP rating
This indicates the level of ingress protection against moisture or dust. The first digit shows you the dust protection, and the second the moisture protection.
Optimum Reflector System Optimum Reflector System
Patented Optimum Reflector System for wider column spacing and square illuminance distribution, so a minimum number of lanterns can be used.
Security Security
Luminaires with this logo are ideal for use in security applications.
Energy Saving Energy Saving
Reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions.
Vandal resistant level 1-3 Vandal resistant level 1-3
Level 1: Pole-mounted with a polycarbonate bowl.
Level 2: Low mounted with a polycarbonate bowl, robust construction and anti-vandal screws.
Level 3: As level two, with reinforced construction to withstand severe attacks.
Light Control System Light Control System
A series of complimentary measures to effectively control light pollution.