Abacus Lighting
Whatever floodlighting you have - whether it’s Abacus or non-Abacus - we can help you get the very best out of it, 365 days per year. Keeping high-value equipment operating at all times is key to maximising your investment - not to mention keeping your young sporting enthusiasts happy!
Maintenance of floodlight systems for universities, schools and colleges

Maintenance of floodlight systems

for universities, schools and colleges

Client testimonial

Anne Lowe, Facilities Manager at Congleton High School, is just one happy customer:

‘Abacus Lighting have completed annual maintenance checks on our floodlights since they were installed in 2002 under the ‘Extra cover plan’. This has been an excellent and reassuring service, and I would thoroughly recommend it to others.’

We offer a multi-layered maintenance service for schools and colleges, all carried out by expert Abacus service engineers:

  • Electrical maintenance on a 3-5 year basis, to ensure your facility remains compliant.
  • Lighting maintenance, to ensure you’re getting the best performance out of your sports lighting. Up to 17% of a floodlight’s output can be lost through an accumulation of dirt, depending on the pollution levels on site. Simply by commissioning Abacus to professionally clean the glass on your floodlights, you’ll boost light levels significantly.

  • Mechanical inspection and maintenance for lighting masts or columns - fixed or hinged - is essential to ensure your facilities stay safe. Among many other mandatory checks, our regime includes checking the security of essential components such as foundation bolts and floodlight brackets.

Whatever your floodlighting system, our range of tailored packages cover electrical and mechanical maintenance, as well as any health and safety considerations associated with working at height.