Abacus Lighting

Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, Dublin

Dubbed the Wimbledon of Ireland, Abacus was asked by the Fitzwilliam LTC to upgrade its ageing and low level lighting system to a championship level.

Taking into account its location in an attractive and sensitive location in Dublin, Abacus provided a world class floodlighting system to 500lux from a height of just 12m, at the same time delivering low glare and superb uniformity on the multiple courts.

The Challenger® 1 floodlight, with its innovative internal baffle, redirects light downwards, reducing both glare and overspill to satisfy and delight both Terry Jermyn, the General Manager at the club, and its members.

Base-hinged masts ensure that maintenance is carried out simply and quickly at ground level.
Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, Dublin
Tennis court lighting at Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club

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