Abacus Lighting

Abacus Lights up Cricket World Cup

Lighting the opening game of the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

India: February 2011

Lighting the opening game of the 2011 Cricket World Cup
Mirpur National Stadium was the location for the opening game of the World Cup between India and Bangladesh this weekend. The match was lit using Abacus floodlighting. In fact there was a total of 456 Challenger 3® floodlights installed on six 48m Abacus masts around the stadium.

The floodlighting was designed specifically for HDTV so cricket lovers around the world can experience the sport at its best. Vertical lighting levels over the wicket are 2,400 lux with the inner circle measuring 2,200 lux and the outfield measuring 1,800 lux.

Abacus Lighting were called in not only to design the scheme, but also to supervise the installation and carry out the all so important aiming.

Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai is the venue for the final on 3rd March and Abacus has lit that ground too. Supplying 472 floodlights in total.

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