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Helping apprentices to shine

Abacus wins national recognition for scheme.

Nottingham: April 2011

Helping apprentices to shine - Abacus wins national recognition for scheme.Abacus Apprentice, Daniel Barnes

Abacus has a long-established reputation for shining a light on to the budding careers of young apprentices. Their four-year apprenticeship scheme for trainees has recently been praised by the Derbyshire and Notts Chamber of Commerce and the National Apprenticeship Scheme - as part of their 100 in 100 campaign - aimed at identifying 100 apprenticeship positions in the region within 100 days.

Steven Forster, materials and production control manager at Abacus, is in charge of the apprenticeship scheme. He joined the company as an apprentice in 1976. Steven Forster said: “We have been employing apprentices for decades. Ninety nine per cent of our apprentices go on to become full-time employees. I have worked here all of my life. It’s a company where it’s not just somewhere to come for an apprenticeship and then you’re finished.”

Abacus starts its annual apprenticeship programme every September, with trainees able to learn mechanical, electrical, and engineering skills.

Mr Forster said: “The programme provides on and off the job training so that apprentices achieve the right mix of practical skills and qualifications to suit them and the needs of Abacus. Our apprentices cover everything from fabricating and welding, to production engineering and electrical installation.

We believe apprenticeships offer the best way to ensure we have the right staff with the appropriate skills to do the job properly. In our experience, apprentices go on to be some of the most committed and experienced employees within the Abacus Group.”

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