Abacus Lighting

Silverstone Pit and Paddock Complex

Thinking inside the box for the Silverstone Wing.

Northamptonshire: July 2012

The new £28m Silverstone pit and paddock complex, known as The Wing, has been received as one of the finest Motorsport developments in the world combining Iconic design and impressive facilities.

As leaders in Sports Lighting, Abacus were approached to develop a unique solution that not only provided brilliant lighting but also provided mains power and water outlets for the race support teams. Abacus utilised their unrivalled experience and developed a unique solution for The Wing by providing Mains Power and Water outlets in a water tight cabinet affixed to each Column.

Darren Pearce, Regional Sales Manager for Abacus, commented “The proven durability and strength of Abacus Columns meant that we were able to accommodate the additional requirements without a complete redesign.”

By using Abacus’ Orion fittings the number of lighting points that were originally specified was reduced, whilst still ensuring the lighting levels were achieved. This provided a cost saving to the project not just in terms of Columns, but the associated costs such as cabling, installation and also a saving in a reduced maintenance legacy. By combining the power and water outlets with the lighting columns the costs and visual disruption of additional columns was removed.

Abacus Marketing Director, Ian Smith further commented “This is yet another Iconic sporting venue which is utilising Abacus design and expertise. We are very proud to be able to deliver the perfect solution for such an important and historic venue.”

Orion Amenity and Car Park luminaire

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