Abacus Lighting

Pickie Pool shines again

thanks to Webro and Abacus.

Northern Ireland: December 2012

Abacus have recently supplied their energy efficient lighting scheme as part of the £2.6m Pickie Pool redevelopment which sees this fabled Northern Irish family venue redeveloped for generations to come. Originally opened in 1937 as an outdoor Swimming Pool, Pickie Pool was a much loved venue for both the Bangor community and tourists. Initially redeveloped as part of a 1980’s town centre regeneration, when Pickie Family Fun Park was introduced, the newly redeveloped Pickie Family Fun Park was launched in April 2012.

Abacus’ long standing NI distributor, Webro Engineering based in County Down, used their expertise such as using the Electrical Consultant Cogan & Shackleton combined with an Abacus designed scheme using the latest Lightblade LED, Continuum LED combined with the proven Trent fitting. The result was a low maintenance, highly energy efficient solution providing outstanding lighting for this refurbished much loved venue.

Webro Project Manager, Alan Webster commented, “It’s great to see the Pickie Pool spirit live on and to be able to provide the lighting for such an important local facility is fantastic. Supplying the lighting design, in addition to the fittings and columns, means that we were able to deliver a durable and efficient lighting system for many years to come.”

The new park includes the well known Pickie Puffer Train, Giant swans, a children’s play area, a new mini golf course and a children’s electric car track.

Pickie Pool redevelopment

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