Abacus Lighting

Queen’s University Belfast, Pitch 10

Sports Lighting for GAA.

Belfast, Northern Ireland: February 2014

Queen’s University Belfast is a pinnacle of education with 160 years of heritage, providing world-class education underpinned by world-class research. So when Queen’s University required a high standard of sports lighting on Pitch 10, only a world-class lighting scheme would do.

Sports Lighting on Pitch 10 - GAA

At the helm of the project, Webro Engineering, a company who understand the level and quality needed to give the best results possible. Webro knew from a long relationship working with Abacus on many successful projects before, that our solution would meet and exceed their requirements.

Using eight of our base-hinged masts carrying Challenger 1 meeting the differing requirements of the various sports taking place on this pitch. The base-hinged masts allow maintenance to be undertaken at ground level to ensure the safety of maintenance staff and offer quick and simple lamp changes and cleaning without the use of heavy and expensive equipment, such as cherry pickers, or the risks associated with working at heights.

Eighty four of our IP66 rated Challenger 1 floodlights were fitted to the masts, these floodlights are designed to provide excellent light control which reduces light overspill allowing the pitch’s lighting scheme to be contained meeting the desired Lux levels. The level of control this Challenger floodlight offers has allowed Abacus to install a scheme in which the 500 Lux level is achieved with the option of 2 switching levels, 350 Lux and 180 Lux, aiding the varied sports played on Pitch 10. This switching ability allows for flexible pitch lighting which matches the users requirements and saves both time and running costs.

Sports Lighting on Pitch 10 - Gaelic Athletic Association

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