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Nottinghamshire, UK: April 2014

Working in partnership with AAA-LUX (formerly LED Expert Group), Abacus introduces the AAA-LUX range.

Expanding on its existing LED lighting range, two new LED series have been introduced offering high quality LED fixtures to benefit sport (WS-Series) and area / amenity (AL-Series) lighting schemes.

AAA-LUX WS Series floodlighting a Hockey PitchHockey pitch illuminated by WS Series LED Floodlighting

AAA-LUX was the first to introduce an LED floodlight as an alternative to retrofit for a 2kW conventional luminaire for sports applications some five years ago. The floodlight is continually being developed and more recently AAA-LUX floodlights were used to illuminate the 2013 European Hockey Championships, making it the first international tournament that was illuminated by LED floodlights. In addition, these were also used to provide the first LED floodlighting for a professional football pitch.

AAA-LUX Light Management SystemAAA-LUX Light Management System

AL-Series (60/90/180/360)

The AL-Series, geared towards area and amenity lighting, is available in four illumination distributions - a 60°, 90°, 180° and 360° version.

AL Series AL360 - LED Large Area FloodlightAL Series AL360 LED Large Area Floodlight

The varying distributions offer efficient lighting of an area with flexible, easy to control and energy saving lighting. The AL-Series fixtures have been designed with control, safety and security in mind, benefiting areas of use such as airports, ports, car parks, supermarkets and other areas deemed as amenity or large areas. To fit in with these applications, the AL-Series products can be used on masts between 12m and 45m (360° up to 25m) allowing eco-friendly LED lighting to keep costs low and lighting on.

AL Series - LED Large Area FloodlightAL Series LED Large Area Floodlight

The key factor which makes this AL-Series unique is the use of a highly effective light management system. This system can be used to monitor a lighting scheme from a centrally placed computer, from this central control centre, wireless push button boxes and sensors at entrance or security points communicate with the control box to activate the lights – or alternatively smart devices can be used to give the same control. These signals activate pre-programmed lighting scenes along with an emergency function to rapidly switch the lights on to maximum from the central console. This control aims to improve site security and area use, along with the analysis of energy consumption to optimise between lighting level and energy costs. The system allows an installer to access the system via a remote access module to inspect the luminaires and light management system, whilst the data obtained allows maintenance to be scheduled providing life cost savings.

WS-Series (100-400)

To stand alongside the strong selection of Sports Lighting already available from Abacus, the first implementation of an LED unit in the sports sector had to be of high quality – enter the WS-SERIES.

WS Series - LED Sports FloodlightWS Series LED Sports Floodlight

WS-SERIES is ideal for community sport applications and MUGA facilities and is able to cover a variety of sporting activities including football, athletics, hockey and tennis, and is available in various fittings to suit changing sporting requirements - currently ranging from WS-Series 100 to WS-Series 400.

The technical capabilities of these sports LED fittings are unique in Sports Lighting and the power of control and switching available with the WS-Series allows this new range to shine with the use of the lighting control management system. This system allows quick and easy adaptability through variable switching and specific area lighting or dimming.

WS-Series also utilises a lighting control management system ideal for sporting applications. This user friendly system allows management of the lighting system for managers and installers as well as ease of use for those using the system from the pitch, clubhouse or control area. The management system allows modifications to the settings to alter the lighting levels in a bid to dim particular sections not in use thus saving energy. The lighting control management system also tracks vital information through a PC application which allows for preventative maintenance in the same way as the AL-Series.

The impressive WS-Series is already being installed at Finsbury Park London with Witton Athletic track in Blackburn following shortly after.

For detailed product information on our full range of floodlighting including our new range of LED floodlighting, please visit our Floodlighting page.

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