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Oris Architectural Lantern

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London, England: May 2014

The bustling streets of London see thousands of people throughout the day and night, so when it comes to street lighting, the city requires an effective yet attractive solution.

 Oris - Amenity and Architectural lantern at Watling Street, London

With many pedestrian areas, the installation of lighting and columns can be difficult due to small areas, shop fronts or linking walkways. Watling Street in London is one of these problem areas, a highly used pedestrian area linking to a one way system with little space to safely and effectively install lighting columns. With a defined list of requirements to successfully light this area, the consultant and contractor in charge, F.M. Conway, turned to Abacus for the solution.

The spatial issues meant the installation of lighting atop columns would be ineffective, the most suitable option being a wall mounted luminaire that would blend into the London scenery and avoid upwards light overspill and glare. To effectively achieve these lighting requirements, Abacus supplied eight Oris lanterns, architecturally designed to be an attractive and location sensitive fitting. In order to retain efficient lighting with this contemporary aesthetic, the Oris lantern utilises 140W Cosmo lamps for white light to ensure modern performance.

The Oris lantern is typically attached to a column via a bracket, however the design allows for bracketed wall mounting with a low wind resistance ideal for condensed areas due to the sleek profile. The IP66 rated Oris lantern has a 0% upward light output ratio to prevent unwanted light spilling into flats or living areas above the lantern.

By day or night, the Oris lanterns complement their surroundings whilst ensuring safe and efficient lighting of the ground below.

Oris - Amenity and Architectural lantern at Watling Street, London

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