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Mid Ulster Sports Complex

LED Sports Floodlighting

Cookstown, Northern Ireland: November 2014

Mid Ulster Sports Arena Complex in Cookstown, was built as a state of the art outdoor sports facility in 2004. A decade on, Cookstown District Council continue to run this as a high quality facility with a lighting system upgrade to LED supplied by Abacus / Webro and installed by Braham Electrical.

Working initially with Beattie Flannigan and Webro, all pitches and MUGAs at Mid Ulster Sports Arena (MUSA) were originally lit by Abacus using Challenger 1 floodlights which are ideal for use in multi-use game areas. The durability of these floodlights combined with effective maintenance, resulted in the floodlights having to be replaced only because of the progression of exterior and sports lighting requirements. The majority of the MUSA pitches continue to be lit with Challenger 1 floodlights whilst a change to LED lighting on pitches containing older Challenger 1 floodlights is taking place. As Abacus had previously supplied columns and lighting successfully throughout the MUSA, for project consultants, Dorans Consulting, Abacus Lighting was the obvious choice for the next steps of lighting this complex.

With advancements in LED technology and sports lighting, the design of the AAA-LUX WS-Series made it the ideal replacement in this project. Built with the ability to retrofit and operate as a direct replacement for a 2kW fitting, the WS-Series floodlights were installed on existing 10 year old Abacus raise and lower columns. Use of these columns allows ease of maintenance for pre-season cleaning alongside other MUSA pitches containing Challenger 1 floodlights, with the ability to lower a column with one person in a matter of minutes and without the need for dismantling any equipment.

To meet the demands of the wide range of sports played at MUSA, the original lighting design incorporated 2kW Challengers to provide a level of 350lux across the pitches. The WS-Series which is being used to replace the existing floodlights meant no additional columns were required and provided a measured average of 464lux, min/ave 0.77 and min/max 0.6. The AAA-LUX control system allows this lighting level to be dimmable and switchable across the pitch areas, with instant start up increasing the lighting systems efficiency by reducing wasted light and power consumption thus saving energy costs.

Mid Ulster Sports Complex - LED Sports Floodlighting

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