Abacus Lighting

Oldbury Power Station

Lighting upgrade to LED

Bristol, UK: January 2015

Oldbury Power Station is located north of Bristol on the south bank of the River Severn. Decommissioned in 2012 after 44 years of operation, the site is now going through the early stages of the Magnox decommissioning process to eventually meet final site clearance status in 2101. For the next 90 years the plant will undergo four decommissioning phases during which time the site will require security and lighting.

To ensure suitable lighting for security purposes whilst keeping the area safe for clean-up teams, the existing lighting required replacing with a more sustainable lighting solution. As the area is to be in constant use as the station is defueled, lighting which offers energy saving benefits and ease of maintenance became vital in this project.

The site's existing lighting solution consisted of Abacus' heavy duty Raise and Lower Columns carrying non-LED lanterns around the security fencing perimeter. The columns used long outreach brackets to overhang the fencing which allowed for effective lighting of the area without being intrusive on site. The Abacus signature Raise and Lower Columns designed and built with durability and longevity in mind, were safety tested at Oldbury both structurally and electrically and did not require replacing; the original lanterns however, were to be replaced with LED luminaires. To achieve the required high performance and consistent lighting, 90 LED Apollo lanterns (in association with Kingsun) were installed on top of the existing columns. The mounting capabilities of the Apollo allows the lantern to be post top or bracket mounted. Mounting and elevation can be easily and securely adjusted from within the luminaire body and locked into place to reduce the risk of outside tampering for security assurance and safety.

LED Apollo luminaire

The combination of the Apollo LED luminaire and the Raise and Lower Column allows maintenance to be easily undertaken at ground level, thus reducing safety risks for security and maintenance personnel and avoiding the requirement of costly machinery or removal of the fencing. This move to energy saving LED lighting combined with ease of maintenance enables the clean up company to focus on the decommissioning whilst allowing the site to operate safely under reliable and efficient lighting.

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