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Royal Russell School gains the Advantage

Surrey, UK: January 2015

The quality of lighting across the sports centre at Royal Russell school in Surrey needed to be like the establishment – exceptional. Working alongside Kestrel Contractors, Abacus Lighting had to deliver a lighting scheme for the sporting facility that fitted in with the first rate facilities already available at the school. To cater for a range of Junior and Senior school students, Royal Russell school boasts a range of pitches and courts with the lighting requirements specifically surrounding a hockey pitch, three netball courts and four tennis courts.

A singular hockey pitch holds eight of our 15m mid range HL250 masts topped with Challenger 1 sports floodlights, designed to light the pitch to 350 lux suitable for club / school level hockey. The HL250 mast is a base hinged raise and lower mast which allows for quick and simple installation on site allowing for decreased down time as the project took place in the early months of the school year. The maintenance of these masts is a safe and easy process with no climbing involved as the raise and lower straightforward design gives the benefit of low height maintenance at ground level which reduces costs and increases safety. Three netball courts were lit to 400 lux with eight 10m raise and lower masts and Challenger 1 sports floodlights suitable for club / school level play, with four tennis courts also being lit to 400 lux again using 10m raise and lower masts with Challenger 1 sports floodlights. Overall throughout the three pitch types 48 Challenger 1 sports floodlights were used to reach the lighting levels and match the maintenance capabilities of the masts.

On this project, the service Abacus offers alongside the quality products became more of a focus and was vital throughout. The ability to build a strong relationship and offer suitable pricing to meet the needs and budget of Royal Russell school was a key stepping stone. Abacus has ensured support from start to finish on the site, working alongside consultants Agility to help secure planning at an early stage and see the project through to completion. The Abacus Advantage is designed to support projects with experienced staff and specialists from planning and design right through to installation and maintenance ensuring the best possible experience and post-project customer and site support.

As Alastair Moore (Agility Sports Facility Development consultants) explains “Royal Russell School were looking to develop new 2 new artificial turf pitches along with a MUGA and Netball courts. AGILITY Sports Facility found Abacus Lighting able to assist in designing a lighting scheme to achieve the national sporting standards yet prevent overspill into the surrounding woodland and ecology areas. Abacus were able to provide a custom made solution to provide a low overspill lighting system that met with both the ecology officers and local authority's approval. During the installation Abacus worked around the school operating hours to connect the system and responded quickly to any issues arising during the construction and commissioning phase of the work. Their staff also worked closely with the generator company to integrate a separate power generator into the floodlighting system. Overall, I would be pleased to offer further projects to Abacus in the future.”

Sports Lighting at Royal Russell School

Sports Lighting at Royal Russell SchoolImages courtesy of Royal Russell School

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