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Suez Canal

Container Terminal Floodlighting at Port Said, Egypt

Port Said, Egypt: January 2015

Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT) opened in Port Said, Egypt as a joint venture with APM Terminals in 2004. Since then the terminal has expanded and over the last four years, Abacus Lighting has been responsible for the above ground lighting installation works. With extensive experience lighting ports and previous success working with APM Terminals, Abacus put together four phases of installation over this four year period for the mast and lighting solution, including mast assembly, the fitting of control gear cabinets and the mounting and aiming of floodlights.

The size of this port and twenty-four hour operation meant that safety was a critical focus for APM and SCCT, the Abacus GL800 Raise and Lower Mast was the optimum choice as it allows for safe and easy maintenance at ground level using a hydraulic counterbalance to lower the mast. The use of the counterbalance means that one person can safely operate and maintain the equipment, with little downtime of the lighting system and the removal of risks associated with working at height due to the 50m stature of the SCCT masts. To effectively light the area, 20 of these GL800 masts were installed across the site, each carrying fifteen Rhea floodlights along with CCTV equipment meeting the sites requirements for safety and security.

The Rhea floodlight has been used to light many port projects; the body of this lightweight 1kW floodlight is manufactured with high pressure die-cast aluminium and toughened front glass to protect the fitting from harsh conditions, such as port applications where the natural environment may cause corrosion to the lighting system. At the 50m height, the Rhea is an optimal solution for effective yet safe lighting as the integral baffle reduces upwards light output and limits glare for those working in the area, further ensuring the safety of personnel on site and those operating machinery.

Working closely with APM and SCCT to ensure smooth installation times meant that Abacus engineers had to work around the area conditions and catch up on delays caused by uprisings during which it was deemed unsafe by the country for them to travel. The lighting solution installed at SCCT now means that the terminal can continue to operate safely as the 2nd largest container terminal in the Mediterranean with little downtime, retaining its reputation as a global container hub.

Floodlighting at Port Said, Egypt

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