Abacus Lighting

Shrivenham Academy, MOD

LED Exterior Lighting solution

Oxfordshire, UK: January 2015

Bordering Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, the English village of Shrivenham contains a campus with a difference. Shrivenham Academy Campus is in fact, home to the Defence Academy Headquarters, JSCSC, and DA-CMT. This village has been the site of various UK military colleges since the early 1940's, and as the military and the MOD continue to grow and develop with the changing environment, the resources around it must follow.

Service providers SERCO have strong links with the Defence Academy and have secured a twenty-six year contract to be their term contractor providing on-site maintenance services to the MOD. Having previously worked with Abacus on various projects, SERCO and Shrivenham Academy requested a long term energy efficient solution using LED lighting, with the replacement of the existing street lighting columns as well as the lanterns.

Working alongside Frankhams Consultants to put together a solution offering a proven life cost saving using LED lanterns, the new lighting scheme contained LED Street Lighting and Columns worth over £150,000. A secondary Sports Lighting scheme was also required for the full size rugby and football pitches consisting of over £100,000 worth of lighting.

The Sports Lighting mounted on our 15m masts facilitated a rugby pitch and a football pitch, both used by soldiers on the academy base. Eight masts were used on each pitch, each one carrying Challenger 1 floodlights which efficiently light the pitch whilst providing excellent glare control, thus enabling the soldiers to compete without affecting vision whilst playing.

Although the Academy is primarily an educational establishment, the base still maintains a high level of security, due to MOD links and military personnel on site, so the lighting solution had to be reliable, easily maintainable and fit in with the requirement of green energy. To meet these criteria, Abacus installed three hundred 60W LED lanterns throughout the Academy grounds. For the lighting required, a smaller luminaire was chosen for its ability to use 60W on a fixed column at a lower mounting height of 6m. As the MOD Shrivenham Academy has gone green with a LED lighting solution from Abacus, there are high hopes for a green award in the near future.

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