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Muga lighting at Arena Grosvad

The largest sporting centre in Finspång

Östergötland, Sweden: February 2015

Arena Grosvad is the largest sporting centre in Finspång, catering for indoor and outdoor sports. With purpose built rinks and pitches for many of these sports such as ice-hockey and football. The multi sports facility has recently upgraded its outdoor activity areas with the addition of a new 3G football pitch, complete with new sports floodlighting.

Working in conjunction with their sales partner in Sweden, Asec Power AB, Abacus provided a lighting solution for use on this new 3G pitch. The pitch is outdoors and subjected to the elements, so under surface heating was installed, enabling use during the colder winter months. With the increased usability through darker periods of the year, the lighting system needed to be an effective and high quality solution which would stand up to the environment in this part of the world.

High-performance Challenger 1 floodlights with toughened front glass, an IP66 rating and die cast aluminium bodies were an ideal choice for the environmental conditions. The breather management system regulates air flow whilst a GORE membrane alleviates stress on the front glass, further protecting the lamp from low temperatures and high winds.

Light control was essential as the pitch is adjacent to an outdoor ice rink with pre-existing lighting. Using Challenger 1 sports floodlights, Abacus and Asec Power AB were able to achieve a lux level of 200 lux Em Ave which is suitable for the level of play. Excellent light control was achieved with the internal baffle and double asymmetric reflector being part of the floodlight design. The outdoor ice rink is lit using high pressure sodium lamps and the stark difference between the two is noticeable.

18 of these floodlights were installed on pre-existing pitch side lattice towers; with this type of structure, ease of maintenance is limited so the Challenger range was the optimal choice of floodlight due to lamp access being at the rear allowing for quick and easy lamp changes as and when required.

Comments from the first coaches and players to use the facility have been extremely positive about the lighting solution, with the contracting company Caverion further commenting on the ease of installation and simplicity of aiming that is possible with the Challenger range of floodlights.

MUGA sports lighting at Arena Grosvad, Finspång. Östergötland.Image © Asec Power AB

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