Abacus Lighting

Coleraine Centre of Excellence

Sports floodlighting on a 3G pitch

Coleraine, Northern Ireland: February 2015

Coleraine in Northern Ireland has been improving the sporting facilities available to the local area. One such project which commenced in May 2014 was to build the Coleraine Centre of Sporting Excellence. A number of sports pitches with multiple uses were constructed, with McAvoy Construction as the main contractor working alongside ARUP Belfast and Webro Engineering.

3G sports floodlighting at Coleraine Centre of Excellence.

In conjunction with Webro Engineering, Abacus Lighting put together a lighting scheme to cover the range of sports and lighting levels required for this sports centre. Coleraine Council required a large sports centre, with pitches across the outdoor site to cater specifically for hockey, rugby and football as well as multi-use pitches (MUGA). The ideal solution for this multiple pitch site was to install a lighting system using switching control; this enables switching of the lighting so that various lighting levels and uniformity can be achieved to match the sport currently being played.

To achieve these lighting levels, high performance Abacus Challenger 1 sports floodlights were installed across the site. The Challenger 1 has excellent light control, reduced light overspill and reduced upward light / glare, making it an optimal choice for a multi-use, multi-pitch site. The containment of light ensures a powerful, uniformed spread of light across the pitches with no spillage onto other pitch areas or outside of the sports centre. Switching of the lighting system allows for lighting levels to be selected to suit other levels for different sports. The switching capability also reduces running and energy costs as individual areas can be dimmed down or switched off completely when not in use.

3G sports floodlighting at Coleraine Centre of Excellence.

These floodlights were mounted on top of 15m Abacus Raise and Lower base-hinged masts. A combination of two types of mast were required, HL250 and HL330, with the HL3307’s being able to carry extra floodlights and head loads, such as CCTV & speakers. Both types of base-hinged mast allow for quick and simple maintenance at ground level, thus removing any risks of working at height, whilst also keeping downtime to a minimum and the participation in sport to a maximum.

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