Abacus Lighting

Norfolk Constabulary

Charged with LED car park lighting

Norfolk, England: February 2015

In a bid to reduce costs, Norfolk Constabulary, one of the first county forces to be formed, has turned to LED lighting. Previously the yard at the Constabulary's Wymondham headquarters was lit with a mixture of aged SON flood lights and road lanterns, giving an uneven level of light across the area, having a longer start up time and also causing light pollution.

With safety and security in mind for both police personnel and visitors to the site, LED lighting was the most appropriate choice. The Apollo lantern (in association with Kingsun) uses high performance, reliable LEDs arranged in modules and encased in a sleek body for clean aesthetics. The use of LED lighting satisfied the need to reduce energy usage on site along with accurate aiming of the lights avoiding upward light and overspill. The Apollo lantern is ideal for the reduction of maintenance costs in this project with the LED modules being replaceable and upgradable thus reducing the cost of re-lamping or purchasing new luminaries altogether. To assist with luminaire and cabling maintenance, the internals are accessed via the same method as is used for module replacement.

As a lighting only project, Abacus had to carefully consider the existing columns during the planning phase as installing lighting on to existing columns affects luminaire choice. The height and number of columns added combined with the distance between the columns impacts on the power and lighting distribution required, whilst the width of column can sometimes restrict the choice of luminaire or necessitate the addition of a mounting bracket. The Apollo lantern is available in a wide variety of wattages and sizes to address these issues.

The mounting interface on the Apollo is also adaptable to fit most bracket diameters, reducing the need to replace existing hardware which could still be suitable and safe to use. Over twenty Apollo lanterns were installed of two wattages to fully achieve safe and secure lighting of the headquarters yard.

LED car park lighting.Deputy Facilities Manager, Gary Maudlin was pleased with the work undertaken; “We asked a number of lighting suppliers to come up with solutions to our car park lighting. Abacus suggested we could look at an LED solution that would not only reduce down the number of lights we use, but could also reduce energy bills. In practice we have found the light levels improved across the site, with additional background floodlights improving the quality of the light. Richard Warrener was easy to work with and understood what we were attempting to do with the lighting in our car park.”

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