Abacus Lighting

Felixstowe Academy

Lighting an educational new build

Felixstowe, England: March 2015

Felixstowe Academy in Suffolk caters for secondary school students and Sixth form / college students. In 2013, the decision was made to expand the Academy and plans went in for a new build in the Academy grounds to accommodate the growing number of students attending the school.

Sustainability has been a major consideration in the planning and project brief, with energy consumption being a key factor. To meet the development requirements, the design incorporated high levels of natural lighting and ventilation, high levels of insulation used to minimise energy consumption and the use of a biomass fuelled boiler in a bid to become a leading example of a school for the future. With many options available, including LED as well as standard SON lanterns, the decision was made in the end to not include LED lighting and instead focus on effectively lighting a variety of areas through the use of SON lamps.

Working alongside Shepherd Engineering Services, Abacus put together a scheme encompassing the car park, walkways and open areas at the Academy, resulting in a range of lighting being installed to light these areas.

Over forty high performance Classique Bollards were installed along the walkways and paths, with twenty four Pathseeker Bulkhead lights mounted to the walls to complement the bollards and light the varied terrain. The combination of these two luminaires in high use, high traffic areas was ideal as both products are vandal resistant and security protected without compromising lighting performance and clean aesthetics.

Sustainable lighting at Felixstowe Academy

Based on the layout and ground surface in the car park, nineteen 6m fixed columns and eight 6m root mounted columns were installed. The columns carrying a combination of twenty eight Trivium lanterns and eight Pegasus 2 lanterns offer the optimum lighting distribution across the area. Both the Trivium and Pegasus 2 met the Academy’s requirement for energy savings. Both fittings use flat glass to reduce the output ratio of upwards light and keep light pollution to a minimum.

Felixstowe Academy is now up and running as a sustainable building with safe and secure lighting for staff, students and visitors.

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