Abacus Lighting

Telescopic flagpole housed in a lake

Another unique project for Abacus.

Kuwait: March 2015

Over the years, Abacus has completed many technically challenging and varied projects. So when the call came for a telescopic flagpole to sit in the middle of a lake, Abacus was the ideal choice. Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait is a green area with a cultural museum and underground art museum that is funded by the government for the local residents. The park is home to a large lake with a small island at the centre, the requirement was for a 36m mast to be installed in the centre of this lake to be used for ceremonial purposes, such as Kuwait national day. Owing to the ceremonial nature of the flag, it wasn't necessary for it to be visible at all times. Therefore Abacus produced a 36m telescopic flag mast with the ability to retract into itself and only be operated and visible when needed.

The island, located at the centre of the lake, is accessed via a bridge, where the mast is housed in a purpose built pit designed to hold both the mast and operating power pack. When fully retracted, the mast height is 11.8m from the bottom of the pit to the top of the mast, this allows the ornamental feature on the top to be visible at all times, as well as allowing for safe flag attachment at low level.

Telescopic mast holding a flagpole in a lake

The use of the telescopic mast allows a flag to be attached safely at ground level and brought up to full height without any additional wiring or machinery. To prevent water and sand ingress where the flag attaches, each mast section has cap plates with brushes at the top. This protects the flag in addition to the mast's internal mechanisms.

The power pack at the mast base of the mast communicates with two operating points which gives the park two options for raising and lowering the mast depending on the occasion and operator. When required, the mast can be operated via a local push button point on the island or by remote control from the edge of the lake.

Now fully installed and operational, Al Shaheed Park can pay homage to the area's history whilst continuing to keep the skyline clean with this one of a kind telescopic flagpole mast.

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