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Witton Park Arena

New indoor sprint track and gymnasium.

Blackburn: May 2015

Witton Park Arena in Blackburn is a successful running club with a growing number of members. This increase in membership resulted in the club looking to upgrade the arena facilities with the addition of a new clubhouse containing an indoor sprint track and gymnasium. The club also required a new outdoor track and upgraded floodlighting to allow local evening events and training to take place.

The project was funded by Sport England who requested the light source be LED for the exterior sports areas. Both Sport England and Witton Park Arena wanted flexibility of switching and dimming to enable energy savings that are not possible with the pre-existing system. Specifically, Witton Park Arena required lighting that could be individually switchable and dimmable in order to achieve lighting scenes to cover the full track, practice field, training levels for track and training levels for the back and front straights.

To effectively light these areas, AAA-LUX WS-Series LED sports floodlights were installed on three 25m GL400 masts and two 20m GL400 masts on three sides of the arena, with a further nine LED sports floodlights mounted to the main building on the fourth side. Abacus base-hinged Raise and Lower GL400 masts are ideal for sports applications and allow maintenance to be undertaken at ground level when required. The AAA-LUX WS-Series was chosen for its ability to dim wirelessly and its good utilisation and distribution of light. By producing minimal glare it is ideal for this type of sports area. Some lighting was already in place at Witton Park Arena, this dictated the height limit for the installation of new floodlighting.

Witton Park running track floodlighting LED Sports floodlighting AAA-Lux WS Series LED floodlighting AAA-Lux WS Series LED floodlighting LED floodlit athletics track
Abacus selected a high power version (1700W), made up of eight LED modules which are factory set at varying angles to effectively distribute the light as well as minimising the chance of glare. The floodlights capability to alter the direction of the modules allows for suitable light distributions catering for a large area where columns and lighting are limited in height, or smaller areas where space is at a premium. Projects such as this normally have obstacles or obstructions to overcome alongside the track, in this case the area between the track and main building had some standing areas which meant the normal placement of a column or mast was not possible. Abacus chose to mount these floodlights onto the building to ensure good light uniformity with AAA-LUX fittings cantilevered downwards on bracket arms, allowing a clear view from the gym above whilst still giving 7m of clearance from the track level to the floodlights.

The floodlighting around the track was installed at varying heights; however the same high powered version was used on all lighting points. The WS-Series can be programmed to work at a lower power, reducing the chance of glare and bright patches on the track surface whilst maintaining a good light uniformity and distribution with minimal floodlights mounted to the building at 7m. A key feature of the AAA-LUX WS-Series is the switching and dimming capabilities via wireless or remote control. At Witton Park Arena, the wireless method was used to minimise the cabling required within the building and along the parapets, as well allowing minimal change to the existing cable duct to the masts. The LEDxLINK Lighting Control system can be linked in many ways giving flexibility when using the lighting solution, in this instance a control box and switchbox kept inside the building operates the lighting wirelessly via antenna and the clubs intranet.

Witton Park Arena can easily control the LED lighting and reduce costs and energy usage through switching and dimming when lower lighting levels can be used or areas are not in use.

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