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Keyworth Rugby Football Club

Local Sports Lighting with RFU framework.

Keyworth: June 2015

As a Rugby Football Union (RFU) approved framework contractor, Abacus offers the best possible solution for lighting grounds to league standards with high quality sports lighting and services. Keyworth Rugby Club, established in 1976, is home to two Senior and five Junior rugby teams. With a range of ages in the teams, the youngest players starting on the U7/U8 team, the club is dedicated to sporting excellence. As the club has grown with players, teams and throughout the leagues, the existing twenty-five year old pitch lighting system had deteriorated and desperately needed an update to suit both current and future needs.

Keyworth Rugby club needed a full replacement of the training pitch lighting, in addition to the full lighting of the main pitch to meet match standard lighting requirements. The improvement to the lighting was vital in order to maintain and increase player numbers as part of the clubs policy and for the club to retain and increase its use as a local community facility. The main pitch required 200 lux lighting levels for the club to compete at a medium level (e.g. regional, county or club events) as set out by the RFU.

Sports lighting at Keyworth Rugby Football Club Raise and lower mast Challenger 1 Sports Floodlight Lighting at Keyworth Rugby Club Keyworth Rugby Club Keyworth Rugby Club Sports Floodlighting Abacus base hinge mast Challenger 1 Floodlights Abacus Sports Floodlights Abacus Rugby Floodlighting
As part of the lighting solution at Keyworth, Abacus installed sixteen 2kW Challenger 1 sports floodlights with two HL250 D raise and lowering masts and two HL330 D raise and lowering masts at 15m to aid backlighting to the training pitch. The Challenger 1 sports floodlights are ideal for smaller sports areas as they offer high performance and low light pollution using a double asymmetric reflector.

With issues surrounding difficult and costly maintenance at height on the clubs original lighting, choosing the HL250 and HL330 allows for safe maintenance at ground level.

The work undertaken by Abacus has dramatically improved the quality of the lighting and both the Senior and Junior teams can now train at the same time under the new lighting. Kevin Price, Chairman of Keyworth Rugby Club. “The experience with Abacus was great. James provided a strong liaison point and the employees on site were tidy, courteous and reliable. It was important to us that Abacus turned up on time and did what they said, and they didn’t let us down. Any problems that appeared, and there always are some niggles on such projects, were dealt with efficiently and promptly. The project started on time and finished on time and we now have the benefit of match standard lights and we can very easily see to catch the ball during training too”.

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