Abacus Lighting

Børstad Idrettspark

Switching with fixed masts and Sports Floodlighting.

Norway: June 2015

Hamar, Norway, is home to the Børstad Idrettspark Athletics Park, a multi-use games area for athletics and football to be used by the local community and schools. Abacus’ Norwegian partners, Multilux who are based in Bø, Telemark, were tasked with supplying the lighting solution for the park. Having a requirement to light a large running track and pitch set in the centre of the track, consideration for the local environment and surrounding park areas was a major factor in the design.

The athletics track and football pitch required a lighting level of 500 lux in the centre, with a level of 1000 lux on the finish line. The track and pitch are used at various times for different levels of sport, such as training and competition. To cater for this, the proposed lighting solution required that both areas should incorporate switchable lighting. In this case, the lighting could be switched down to 200 lux for training purposes giving considerable energy savings over the life of the system.

To meet these requirements, 87 Abacus Challenger 3 floodlights were used. Challenger 3 floodlights deliver optically precise symmetrical beams making them ideal for multi-use areas in which switching to particular levels is required across multiple regions. Four 28m Abacus fixed masts from our Club Range were used to carry the floodlights. These Club Masts are of multi-sided steel construction, offering minimum wind resistance and have the carrying capacity of up to 16 Challenger 3 floodlights per mast.

For ease of maintenance at height and practicality reasons, the masts in this instance are climbable with a platform system and security cabling for extra piece of mind. Owing to the switching requirements on this project, these masts were the most appropriate choice as a fixed mast allows for control gear and protection equipment to be incorporated into the mast base. This enables fast on-site operation with options for IP65 or standard ratings on control gear depending on the environment.

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