Abacus Lighting

Lekhwiya SC Stadium

Training & competing under the Challenger floodlight series

Qatar: June 2015

Built in 2011 and completed February 2013, Lekhwiya SC Stadium in Doha, Qatar is home to the winners of the Qatar Cup, Lekhwiya FC. Taking the Championship victory for the first time in its history, the success of this team is partly due to the excellent training facilities at the stadium. A high performance floodlighting system is vital for this level of play, not only for the main stadium, but also for the training pitches. Therefore, the Abacus Challenger series of sports floodlights was the obvious choice, offering a variety of floodlights to suit the individual requirements of each pitch.

The main stadium required the highest lighting levels to ensure the pitch is suitably lit for player visibility of a capacity crowd of 12,000 spectators. Challenger 3 floodlights, designed specifically to meet stadium floodlighting requirements, were mounted to the roof throughout the main stadium. With an internal baffle and reflector system, this fitting delivers an optically precise symmetrical beam to achieve the desired lighting level whilst reducing glare and loss of light. Ensuring the floodlights efficiency and lifespan, the Challenger floodlight series utilises an IP66 durable die cast aluminium body to protect the lamp and electrics from the elements, ideal for an open air stadium in a hot desert climate.

The training pitches required a lower level of lighting, so the Challenger 1 floodlight was used. With the same high quality build and performance as the Challenger 3, the Challenger 1 is designed for lighting smaller sports grounds, both outdoor and indoor. The light control from the internal baffle combined with flat glass technology helps to re-direct any potential upward stray light back into the floodlight beam eliminating light overspill onto surroundings areas.

Two types of Abacus Raise and Lower masts were employed on the training pitches to carry the floodlighting, HL250 and HL330. With the HL330 having the capacity to carry more floodlights than the HL250, costs could be kept to minimum by using the smaller HL250 where less floodlights were required. Both masts are base-hinged Raise and Lower masts which quickly and safely lower to ground level at which point, maintenance to be undertaken without the requirement for equipment hire or working at height. The implementation of these masts minimises installation time, being installed with ease in sections before raising the mast and lighting into place as one unit.

With a lighting solution designed to meet the high levels of play, whether training or competing, Lekhwiya Stadium will continue to see many more years of sporting success.

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