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Ratmalana to Maliban Junction

Leading the LED revolution on Sri Lankan roads.

Sri Lanka: September 2015

Over the last five years developments have taken place across the roadways of Sri Lanka. Advancements in exterior lighting and road lighting technology resulted in an increase in road safety, improving the roads and paths in built up areas. Abacus Singapore has been involved with a World Bank funded road sector project across the Ratmalana to Maliban Junction.

Working with leading Sri Lankan contracting company Access International Pvt Ltd, Abacus Singapore provided an LED lighting solution ideal for the main roadway for Ratmalana to Maliban Junction. In 2013, a report into the area for the World Bank by the Road Development Authority found that accidents could be drastically reduced with lighting improvements. To improve safety,
a reliable and high performance LED fitting was required on this stretch of road, in order to effectively light the area Abacus supplied 897 Apollo LED lanterns. The Apollo contains highly reliable LEDs that perform to a high standard to ensure that an area is consistently and efficiently lit resulting in a high level of safety and visibility to those using the road. With central columns to light both sides of the road, the Apollos were mounted two to each column via a side entry mounting with the fittings adaptable spigot entry.

This side entry and adjustable mounting bracket allows for luminaire elevation so that the fitting can be aimed in the ideal direction to ensure an effective distribution of light. Mounted onto singular columns with double projection arms, the adaptability of the Apollos bracket ensured minimal issue with the compatibility for safe and secure mounting. As these columns were fixed, the ease of access for maintenance with the Apollo is ideal, the strong and durable body can be opened in order for the lantern to be checked and maintained quickly. With excellent thermal management and a modular design, the ease of maintenance is increased and when the LEDs reach their end of design life, the modules can be replaced or upgraded. The future-proof design of the modules not only reduces maintenance costs, but removes the possibility of having to replace with a new lantern altogether when the body still has a long
lifespan left.

Just under 900 LED Apollo lanterns now light this main roadway in a first for Sri Lanka. Implementing the use of LED fittings on this major roadway places the project at the fore of the LED revolution in Sri Lanka, one which Abacus are proud to be involved in and leading.

Ratmalana to Maliban Junction LED Road Lighting Ratmalana to Maliban Junction LED Road Lighting

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