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Tanglin Trust School Singapore

Maintainable school sports floodlighting solution.

Singapore: November 2015

Tanglin Trust School in Singapore has over 90 years of experience in providing a British based education to the international community of Tanglin. Catering to a range of students from early school years to Sixth Form College, the school teaches the English National Curriculum in which athletics continues to play a part. The football field at the school required a new lighting solution to ensure that students were able to play in a safe and visible environment.

Abacus were chosen for this project based on our strong reputation, product range and capabilities. Working closely with the School Authorities, project architects and consultants, Ong & Ong and Rankine & Hill, Abacus Singapore provided a user friendly floodlighting solution that met guidelines and lighting level requirements.

Tanglin Trust School wanted to use high output conventional floodlights with a short start up time to suit school timetabling and keep running costs down; the Abacus Challenger series have an advantageous start up time for a conventional floodlight making it a leading choice. Although the Challenger 1 is a high performance floodlight, it is designed for lighting smaller sports grounds such as school grounds & arenas and only 36 Challengers were required to achieve a consistent 500 lux across the field, whereas competitors required nearly 50 floodlights. This minimal number of floodlights keeps the cost of product, operation, installation and maintenance down for the school, making the most of the lighting and school budget.

The flat glass design and integral baffle offer exceptional lighting control which reduces glare to those using the pitch and reduces light overspill to the nearby school buildings and public areas. This extends the amount of use the school can get from the field, with no issues surrounding use at similar times to the buildings next door.

The original specification for this project involved the use of fixed masts. Based on the performance, reputation and capabilities of the Abacus base-hinged Raise & Lower mast, the specification was changed to include these. The installation and maintenance capabilities of the base-hinged mast provides an optimal solution for school applications, with time on both being kept to a minimum, reducing field downtime and suiting term times and usage outside of the normal school year. Costs involved are also kept down as the requirement for machinery hire is almost removed from both installation and maintenance. These base-hinged masts safely lower the Challenger 1 floodlights for maintenance to be undertaken at ground level, without the requirement for working at height or use of machinery.

The maintenance capabilities of this solution is doubled with the ease of access to the rear of the floodlights, where access to the lamp and internal electrics is quick and easy, further reducing time spent on maintenance. Six of these 15m base-hinged HL330 masts were installed across the field, holding varying numbers of Challenger 1 floodlights to ensure a consistent spread of light.

With this project being delivered within 45 days, Tanglin Trust School has been able to commence normal operation with classes and training sessions taking place on the field.

Maintainable sports floodlighting at Tanglin Trust School Singapore Challenger 1 sports floodlights at Tanglin Trust School Singapore Challenger 3 floodlights with HL330 Raise and Lower masts

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