Abacus Lighting

Znojmo Mestsky Stadium

Hidden sequenced sports lighting masts at Znojmo.

Czech Republic: November 2015

Situated in the Czech Republic near the border of Austria, is the picturesque historical town Znojmo. Mestsky Stadion in Znojmo, a multi-purpose stadium mainly used for football matches is the home of 1. SC Znojmo football club. The Czech League 2 club, along with Athletic TJ Znojmo and students from local schools, required a lighting mast solution that would not affect the historic skyline.

In order to preserve the skyline, the masts and floodlights needed to be out of sight during daylight hours and when not in use, but they also needed to be operational when required. Abacus has developed a variety of solutions for installing masts in areas with similar restrictions, one of which is the implementation of sequencing masts.

Sequencing masts have been used previously on grounds such as Kempton Racecourse to avoid interference with surroundings. In this case, 40m Abacus sequencing masts were required around the stadium. These base-hinged masts are controllable from a central point, allowing all masts to be raised or lowered simultaneously in a short space of time.

Positional sensors and a programmable logic control unit co-ordinate to enable the hydraulic cylinders to operate smoothly in a failsafe process. These hydraulic cylinders are fitted to the base of the mast and safely lower or raise the mast using a mechanised pivot. The installation of these masts result in installation time and costs being kept to a minimum and also eliminate the risks of working at height. When in situ, the masts are kept safely lowered and out of sight during the day and raised when required in the evenings for training and competitive use, allowing the stadium to operate without affecting the landscape and surroundings.

With the masts automatically lowered to ground level, maintenance can be easily and safely undertaken.

Znojmo retains its historic skyline whilst also catering to both 1. SC Znojmo Football Club and the local sports community with high quality sports floodlighting.

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