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Peterborough and Cricklewood Sidings

LED lighting on the sidings.

Peterborough & Cricklewood: December 2015

The face of London’s railways is changing as Transport for London have set out to transform commuter travel and train care. As part of this evolution, the Thameslink scheme is one of the biggest projects being undertaken, with changes to carriages, routes and maintenance depots. Whilst brand new depots are built at Hornsey and Three Bridges, new sidings have been created at Peterborough depot whilst Cricklewood depot has undergone remodelling works.

Due to increased reliability, low maintenance and cost efficiency benefits, LED lighting is being widely adopted across the rail industry. For both redevelopments at Cricklewood and Peterborough, the rail approved Abacus Raise and Lower column along with the Apollo LED lantern (in association with Kingsun) were specified by York based company Tata Steel. Working with Abacus Lighting on both projects, construction and facilities company Carillion were awarded the contract for both sidings as a package and took the lead to deliver both depots.

Cricklewood required some remodelling works in order to modernise and update facilities for more efficient and secure train care maintenance. Lighting on these sites must be consistent and reliable, with the ability to maintain or fix the lighting quickly and easily. With this in mind, Tata Steel specified a combination creating a lighting solution that would do just that. The LED Apollo fitting has been used across a variety of applications, including rail, due to its high performance LEDs which deliver a high standard of lighting and coverage. With these LEDs being highly reliable and of a modular build, maintenance is made easier due to the long life span and the future proofing of the lantern, which allows the modules to either be replaced or upgraded.

Abacus‘ Raise and Lower column is rail approved and is an ideal solution for rail applications partly due to its ease of installation and maintenance benefits. The column can be assembled on site and raised with the lighting in place whilst maintenance can be undertaken at ground level with the column lowering the equipment down to the ground. Not only is time saved on installing or maintaining the equipment, the costs are also kept down as additional machinery hire or the requirement for track possessions is not needed.

With the expansion of the Peterborough depot, the lighting solution included an additional number of Quartz LED bollards in order to meet the lighting requirements at a low height level. Similar to the work undertaken by Abacus at Reading Train Care Depot, Peterborough required lighting to aid maintenance works on the underside of the trains that did not cause any upwards light or glare for the drivers. Abacus Quartz LED bollards have optics that give strong lighting levels which reduces the number of units required, thus keeping install and product costs down whilst increasing space for depot staff to operate in.

With the completion of these two depots, Abacus continues to work alongside the Rail industry delivering safe and effective lighting solutions.

LED lighting at Cricklewood Rail Depot

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