Abacus Lighting

Car park lighting at Tonbridge Rail Station

LED lighting on the top deck.

Kent: January 2016

Tonbridge rail station is a busy four platform station in Kent and is operated by Southeastern trains. To meet the increased demand for station parking, a new multi-storey car park was built providing over 170 extra spaces along with improved disabled parking facilities. This addition allows for more travellers to make their full journey by train rather than by car. Abacus worked closely with Vicom on this project to meet the lighting specification for Tonbridge as supplied by Bourne Group.

Safety is critical for the users of the car park and with the height and nature of the building, reliable and effective lighting was a key requirement along with energy efficiency and savings. For the top deck of the car park, 18 LED Apollo's (in association with Kingsun) were installed on Abacus Raise and Lower columns which allow the column to be safely lowered to ground level for maintenance. Four of these fittings were mounted on single arm brackets, with the remainder on double arm brackets. An adaptable spigot entry allows the Apollo to be mounted via post top or side entry thus providing for a consistent look throughout the project. In addition, these entry options and adjustable mounting positions ensure, through accurate aiming, an effective distribution of light. Designed with reliable high performance LEDs with 100,000 hours life time to 70% lumen maintenance along with excellent thermal management, the Apollo delivers the benefits of LED lighting in a slimline lantern that blends into the skyline. Pairing these fittings with Abacus' proven Raise and Lower columns, creates an efficient and easy to maintain lighting solution.

Having already been successfully used on many station platforms, 11 Raise and Lower columns were installed across the top deck. A number of these were pedestal flanged columns, designed to work with the car park layout and avoid structural issues. As these were installed in the centre of the top deck, the flange plates were installed with covers to ensure the bases were not tampered with or vandalised, further reducing potential safety issues for pedestrians and vehicles. These base-hinged columns allow for quick and safe installation as the lighting is installed at ground level then raised into the fixed position. The hire and use of heavy machinery, which could prove challenging in this multi-storey car park environment, is not required during installation or maintenance. Ease of maintenance is therefore increased, with downtime and safety risks kept to a minimum as one person is able to safely lower the column and lighting for maintenance to be undertaken at ground level. Tonbridge use a hydraulically operated RLH counterbalance to lower these columns. This counterbalance is ideal where varying headloads are used on columns throughout a site as a single counterbalance can operate all columns, whether holding single or double arm brackets with multiple fittings.

The newly expanded carpark now offers commuters at Tonbridge a more carefree journey with the added safety and security of reliable energy efficient lighting whether they travel via the early or late train.

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