Abacus Lighting

Raising safety with lowering headframes

FD Roosevelt Airport.

St. Eustatius: May 2016

Located on the Caribbean Island of St. Eustatius, Franklin Delano (FD) Roosevelt Airport supports small aircraft and offers basic facilities for commercial flight passengers. Owing to the nature of the Caribbean weather, the airport required lighting masts that would withstand high winds and also allow the lighting to be easily maintained and fixed. With this in mind, the consultant in charge of this project specified 15m Abacus Raise and Lower Winch Masts (RLW). These masts have proven to be the ideal solution in this scenario and have been used around the world in countless ports and airports.

Designed with an internal winch mechanism to lower the headframe around the mast body, this fixed mast allows for lighting maintenance to be safely undertaken at ground level. As the mast does not lower, the headframe and lighting equipment is kept within a small footprint so as not to obstruct walkways or vehicle paths, ideal in settings where space is restricted. This allows for maintenance to be undertaken quickly and safely without disruption to airport operations. With the need for working at height removed, the operational risks for maintenance staff are eliminated. In addition, cost savings are made through removing the requirement for access lifts which also reduces extra on site traffic. Installation and maintenance costs are lowered as lighting can be easily fitted at ground level before being raised into place.

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