Abacus Lighting

Turnkey lighting scheme at train care maintenance depot.

Stoke Gifford Train Care Depot.

Bristol, UK: June 2016

Home to a major new rail depot between London and South Wales, Stoke Gifford is one of the most significant new builds on account of Hitachi Rail Europe’s investment. Bristol‘s existing rail maintenance depot will turn its focus to servicing diesel trains whilst Stoke Gifford caters to electric trains.

With over £80 million invested, Stoke Gifford has been built specifically to cater for the large increase in electric locomotives. The site contains a 300m long maintenance depot for servicing & cleaning trains, with a large outdoor area containing train care sheds and a 500m culvert for flood prevention. This expansive site demanded lighting that was reliable, effective and above all safe.

Train undercarriages are a key maintenance focus, therefore effective lighting at this low height is vital. With high performance optics giving an ideal lighting distribution, the Abacus Quartz LED bollard was used which greatly reduced the number of bollards required. The internal louvre design gives a controlled light output, increasing efficiency and effectively removing any upwards light overspill or glare to drivers. Over 600 LED bollards were installed as part of the lighting solution at Stoke Gifford alongside lighting columns, column mounted lighting and wall mounted bulkheads.

Having been used on rail platforms across the UK since 1970, over 70 of these rail approved Abacus Raise and Lower columns were installed on site. These durable base-hinged columns offer maintenance capabilities that keep costs and downtime minimal. Using a hydraulic counterbalance to lower the column and lighting for ground level maintenance, this ease of operation allows for one person to safely and quickly maintain the equipment without the need to hire machinery and work at height. By removing the risks surrounding working at height, overall safety level is increased and this swift maintenance process results in downtime to operations being kept at a minimum.

A combination of Trivium Evo and Trent 2 floodlights were installed on single and double arm brackets around the site to ensure effective light distribution. Generally used in road and amenity applications, the Trivium Evo mini is a high efficiency fitting with an autonomous system that reduces power to give up to 40% energy savings. The flat glass design and reflector further reduces wasted energy by ensuring that light is directed downwards without loss of light or overspill.

The Trent 2 is a strong IP66 rated floodlight which utilises 50° flat glass and a high grade performance reflector, this results in the containment of any excess upwards light and gives a highly efficient light output. With three possible reflector options, the Trent 2 can be used continuously throughout a site with variations on the reflector to give the most suitable beam and light distribution, without adversely affecting site aesthetics.

To light the exterior of the train care sheds, over 70 Pathseekers were wall mounted, casting light down and around the sheds. These die cast aluminium fittings are impact and vandal resistant, protecting the lamp and electrical components which lengthens the life span and reduces the need for replacements. To further meet the sites safety needs, a number of Pathseekers were fitted with emergency packs in the immediate areas surrounding the train care sheds.

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