Abacus Lighting

LED Hockey Lighting at the University of Southampton.

University of Southampton.

Southampton, UK: September 2016

Ranking in the top 1% of universities worldwide, the University of Southampton has a prestigious reputation. In keeping with the high standard of education, the University offers a number of state-of-the-art sports facilities throughout five sporting venues. Covering 76 acres of land and offering pitches for cricket, football, rugby, hockey and tennis amongst others, Wide Lane Sports ground has undergone a £4.3 million redevelopment, with replacement sports lighting being an important element.

The original metal halide lighting on the hockey pitches was failing and needed replacing for continued evening use. With a large number of teams using these pitches, reliability and low energy use were key factors that resulted in LED floodlighting being the ideal choice. Abacus put together a lighting design consisting of 20 AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlights.

These 1700W floodlights are programmable and controllable for specific project needs. In this case, the controls are set to three basic lighting scenes to suit the use of each pitch, including full pitch lighting to 200 lux and 350 lux, with the addition of half pitch lighting levels to 200 lux.
Half pitch lighting was not possible with the pre-existing lighting solution; the easy to use AAA-LUX light management control system is programmed in zones, giving the user flexible control for half pitch use, thus saving energy and avoiding wasted light. Adding to the benefits of energy and cost saving, this LED system provides instant start up times resulting in quick switch on times. This removes the need to leave lighting on between use, which more often than not leads to high running costs and energy consumption.

Having a number of highly competitive hockey teams, including British University competitors, meant that ensuring the correct lighting levels were met was essential. Each LED module on the WS-Series can be individually aimed to effectively distribute light, resulting in maintained light levels and uniformity, with minimal glare and light overspill off pitch.

With a new high performance LED floodlighting system, students and teams at Southampton University can continue to play under high standard lighting that meets the high standard of education.

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