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Product update.

AAA-LUX WS-Series LED Sports floodlight.

Nottingham, UK: October 2016

The AAA-LUX range of innovative high performance LED floodlights is built with control, safety, efficiency and security in mind.

The technical capabilities underpinning this LED range allow for ease of control, instant start up and variable switching via the AAA-LUX Lighting Control Management System. Capable of dimming or switching all or selected sections of a lighting application, lighting via fingertip control or use of sensors, with preprogrammed lighting scenes available including an emergency function which brings all lights up to 100% power.

With a strong focus on sports lighting and offering a direct 1-to-1 replacement for conventional 2kW HID floodlights, the WS-Series has undergone a number of significant upgrades.

What’s new?

  • Wattage reduced to 1,550W for the WS-Series sports floodlight due to improved optical efficiencies and LEDs. e.g. 8 mast 500lux hockey pitch previously required 32 WS-Series luminaires and now requires only 24
  • Up to 10 years comprehensive warranty which includes the LEDs and driver combined
  • An improvement on lumen output of between 10-15% dependent on model
  • Extended product lifetime to 35,000 hours / 35 years when operated at full power due to improved lower running current
  • T50 option now available
  • Soft start max 4.5A with negligable inrush current resulting in reduced cable size
Lighting Control Management System

Wireless push button boxes or proximity sensors at entry points send information to the control box to activate the desired preprogrammed lighting scenes or alternatively smart devices can be used to give the same control. In case of emergency, all lights can be switched to maximum at the central console.

The facility manager can analyse the energy consumption of the system, and optimise between lighting level and energy costs.

Lighting control management system

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