Abacus Lighting

AAA-LUX LED Port Lighting

LED lighting on base-hinged masts at the Port of Swansea.

Swansea, England: December 2016

Providing berths and facilities for most types of cargo across 500 acres of land, the Port of Swansea required an effective lighting system that worked around busy port operations. Continuing to build on the positive working relationship and past project successes with Associated British Ports (ABP), Abacus put together a secure and efficient LED lighting solution for the Port of Swansea’s B Shed.

Specifically designed for large area lighting, the high performance AAA-LUX AL-Series LED floodlight effectively distributes light with reduced glare and wasted light. Visual clarity is key for safe operation at all times; with highly efficient optics, the reduction in glare is vital in a port environment where heavy duty equipment and machinery are being operated. For the smaller section of B Shed, the overall cost of fittings was considered, with the choice of the AL-Series being based on the lower energy costs surrounding LED and the switching ability of the AAA-LUX control system.

These high powered 1.5kW floodlights have been designed to operate without loss of light and to maintain effective distribution when installed at greater mast heights, such as the 30m base-hinged mast.

Abacus base-hinged masts were used at the port as their maintenance capabilities make them the ideal solution for port applications in which downtime must be kept to a minimum for operating and safety concerns. This base-hinged raise and lower design allows for one person maintenance to be undertaken at ground level, with the mast and floodlights being safely lowered down, removing the need for cherry pickers or other equipment required for working at height.

With an easy to maintain LED lighting solution, ABP employees working around B Shed at Swansea Port can continue to do so safely under reliable and controllable lighting.

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