Abacus Lighting

CCTV and Car Park Lighting at The Royal Mint

Safe and secure car park lighting.

Llantrisant, South Wales: January 2017

With a history dating back over 1,100 years, The Royal Mint is responsible for the production and distribution of almost five billion coins and medals per year throughout the UK and 60 countries worldwide. Trained security staff protect the 35 acre site around the clock in Llantrisant, South Wales. Security is paramount for the site, staff and also the tourists visiting The Royal Mint Experience. As part of the overall security strategy, the existing car park columns and lighting required upgraded replacements. Abacus worked with The Royal Mint and CMBE Electrical Contractors to supply the optimal solution.

Owing to the requirement for CCTV in addition to high quality lighting, heavy duty columns were chosen based on their ability to hold heavier headloads, thus reducing the number of columns required across the area. These columns are particularly suited to the application of CCTV equipment as the increased stability provides minimal deflection and decreased wobble, resulting in higher quality CCTV results, important for The Royal Mint. The consolidation of CCTV and light fittings onto one column rather than separate columns for each piece of equipment also reduced installation costs, whilst improving the space and aesthetic look of the car park.

Having been developed specifically for car park applications, Abacus’ Orion was the ideal choice for distributing light across the large area using a low number of columns. The specially designed Optimum Reflector System (ORS) uses a two-step reflector construction that provides power, efficiency and exceptional area coverage. The square distribution of the Orion delivers an even spread and uniformity across The Royal Mint’s car park, with minimal lighting points further decreasing the cost of supply and installation. Maintenance costs are also reduced based on the unique design as the Orion results in less cable, gear, lamp replacements and waste.

With a world class lighting and CCTV solution in place, The Royal Mint continues to operate with safety and security at the fore.

Orion Car Park Lighting and CCTV Column Orion Car Park Lighting and CCTV Column Orion Car Park Lighting and CCTV Column Orion Car Park Lighting and CCTV Column

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