Abacus Lighting

LED lighting at Palmer Park Stadium

Athletic stadium, velodrome and 3G pitch LED lighting.

Reading, England: April 2017

Located in East Reading, Palmer Park Stadium is used by a variety of visitors including the local community and sports teams. A range of quality leisure facilities are available with an indoor gym, athletics stadium, velodrome and outdoor pitches being the most used. With the provision of readily accessible sports facilities in mind, Reading Borough Council started works at Palmer Park as part of the council’s Build a Better Reading initiative. Safety of stadium users was the most important focus for Reading Borough Council. Following the discovery of a structural fault on a floodlight in the main stadium, the Council acted swiftly to ensure that equipment was fit for purpose. To ensure minimal disruption for sports teams and clubs that would otherwise miss out, Abacus was brought on board to supply and install the optimal lighting solution within a short time period.

High performance, AAA‑LUX WS‑Series LED floodlights replaced the original conventional lighting. The WS‑Series is designed specifically for sports lighting applications, offering flexible user control with the AAA‑LUX Light Control Management System. Over 60 of these fittings were installed across the stadium and pitches. To independently switch the lighting in all areas from a remote location, Palmer Park Stadium use touch screen control, with the ability to dim areas when required. The stadium benefits financially by switching the lights off or dimming when not in use, reducing wasted light and energy consumption along with a reduction in long term maintenance costs.

Running costs and energy consumption are further reduced bringing additional savings to Palmer Park with the instant start up times and increased flexibility from this controllable LED lighting. The modular design of the WS-Series is ideal for the diverse range of sport taking place, with light effectively aimed and distributed with minimal glare, resulting in maintained lighting levels and uniformity on pitch without affecting athletes’ vision.

Maintenance capability is vital for Palmer Park. Abacus’s proven raise and lower masts were installed across the grounds, a combination of HL250’s, HL330’s and GL240’s to suit headload requirements. Maintenance can be undertaken at ground level due to the base‑hinged design as a hydraulic counterbalance safely lowers the mast and equipment. This lowering ability provides quick and hassle-free maintenance that can be undertaken by a single person. Maintenance and installation times are kept to a minimum with this mast design decreasing costs and site downtime.

Cyclists, runners and athletes alike are now taking full advantage of the newly lit site, with clubs now in full swing under a safe and effective LED lighting solution. With this low maintenance, easy to access system, Reading Borough Council have ensured the local community, sports teams and clubs have the best possible facilities for the town to progress in sport.

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