Abacus Lighting

Exporting UEFA standard football floodlighting at AEK Larnaca

High mast sports lighting with manrider maintenance.

Cyprus: June 2017

Professional football club AEK Larnaca FC started the 2016 - 2017 season in the brand new AEK Arena, Georgios Karapatakis stadium. The Cypriot club was formed in 1994 and have been operating under new management since 2013. Over two decades since its original formation, the club is playing in a newly built self-owned stadium with intentions to progress through the leagues. To move into UEFA category 3, the lighting had to meet appropriate levels and Abacus’s export team were brought in to produce a stadia worthy solution.

Designed specifically for stadium use, 188 high performance Challenger® 3 floodlights were supplied.

Fixed spots lighting mast with Challenger 3 performance floodlighting.
Effective light distribution and uniformity were achieved by the Challenger’s optically precise symmetrical beam, which can be aimed using a gunsight for full accuracy across the pitch. Specified lighting levels are achieved without wasted light as the anti-glare internal baffle results in light distribution within pitch boundaries and containment of possible light overspill.

Built to withstand the humid Cypriot environment, the durable die-cast aluminium bodies are IP66 rated, protecting the floodlight from high pressure water jets and dust. The lamp is further protected by a toughened front glass that is secured in place and can be accessed through a rear door for lamp changes and maintenance.

Ideal for this large quantity of floodlights, fixed masts from the Abacus stadium range were supplied. At 44m, the friction-fit tapered polygonal shaft keeps wind resistance to a minimum, ensuring the headframe and lighting are kept steady. Maintenance is simple as a winch powered external manrider is used to reach the maintenance platform.

As the team continues in the Cypriot First Division after a second place result last season, this new lighting solution is the next step in moving towards the arena’s UEFA category 4 goal and accommodation of European tournaments, along with the first place position this season for AEK Larnaca.

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