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AAA-LUX launch Gen6

Market leading LED floodlight

Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire: May 2018

Building on the success of the AAA-LUX floodlights, a new and improved range of floodlights, named Gen6, has been unveiled. Being lighter in weight with a sleeker appearance and boasting an array of impressive features and improvements, Gen6 is set to take LED floodlighting to the next level.

Typically, an LED fitting is heavier and larger than a comparable conventional floodlight, this helps with heat dissipation during and after use. However, the innovative design on the AAA-LUX uses several small lightweight modules to enable the luminaire to regulate temperature more effectively than the average floodlight. With excessive heat being a major factor in floodlight degradation a strong focus was placed on the development of Gen6 to address this problem. The Gen6 offers further improvements in this area over the previous generation, which in turn extends the life and efficiency of the luminaire.

The Gen6 floodlight has lower wind resistance than ever before, and is now a market leading weight of 22-23kg. Because of this, the Gen6 can to be retrofitted to a wider range of masts than previous generations could. For new installations, additional savings can be made on mast and foundation specifications. When designing the Gen6, cost reductions were at the forefront of the design process. As many sports clubs have strict budgets to adhere to, making the new AAA-LUX accessible to the majority of the sporting industry was a key factor when developing the new AAA-LUX floodlight. Thanks to the weight reduction and modifications to the design, Gen6 is now much easier to install and aim. The modules are locked in position at the assembly stage to prevent accidental misalignment during handling and installation. An integral aiming system ensures pin-point accuracy when commissioning the floodlighting system.

The high efficiency (>95%) AAA-LUX drivers feature Class A capacitors which benefit from long lifetimes. With zero in-rush current, there is no voltage peak and total power requirement is reduced, further minimising running costs.

With a body constructed from anti-corrosion double coated aluminium combined with stainless steel fastenings, Gen6 is built to withstand the harshest of environments. Hardened scratch-resistant glass provides for easy maintenance and a long lifecycle with AAA-LUX optics giving high uniformity and maximum efficiency.

To complement Gen6, AAA-LUX is introducing a brand-new operating system, under the name ‘Control Box 2.0’. “Simplicity in installation and use is what’s important. But we see many opportunities in offering our users convenience. This is achieved not only through a touchscreen or app, but also in the way in which the complete lighting system will be monitored”, says Erik Swennen, AAA-LUX CEO. Customers get insights into both energy consumption and the technical state of the lighting 24/7. When a fixture slowly becomes hotter because, for example, a bird builds a nest on it, the system observes this and action can be taken to prevent a fixture from being damaged. Swennen: “The feeling that the lighting system is being monitored is something that is greatly appreciated by our customers.”

The innovation, technology and features which are designed into Gen6 position it clearly as the market leader in the LED floodlighting industry. “Things can move forward at a staggering tempo”, Swennen says with a sense of understatement. “And we expect a lot from our 6th generation of AAA-LUX floodlights.”

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